Super Hero Shopping Trip! | Powerpuff 

Girls | Cartoon Network


you guys really think I can be a

powerpuff girl of course you're a sixer

yeah it's in the blood but first things

first you're gonna roll with us we got

to get you some new superhero threads

I'm almost ready so what do you think



what about this one

where's the rest of it what it's the

same thing she was wearing before always

the classic you're just missing one

final touch my own headbands all my

thoughts I'd lost it this is so exciting


that wasn't me I swear

well well well the Powerpuff Girls we

meet again

who are you what you fools

yeah I am the net never heard of you oh

come on I'm your oldest enemy you do

look like a Grandpa's grandpa that's not

what I meant

don't you remember three years ago you

swatted me with the newspaper last

spring you lured me into a bug zapper

and two weeks ago the most demeaning of

oh yeah I don't remember any of that I'm

not done with my backstory you see I am

no longer in ordinary Matt's I was

bitten by a radioactive he'll talk

staring at the microwave is bad for you

sure silver and now I have all the

strength of Todd that guy who picked me

so you're as strong as a middle-aged man


prepare to meet your doom bliss this is

the perfect bag for you to practice on

yeah he's an easy one yeah I'm gonna

beat you up you should be scared cuz I'm

gonna dude you got to do something

try a double punch kick a triple kick

it's all about

guys oh my gosh guys I kind of goofed

you know everyone was yelling and I just

got so nervous and and with that the net

weakens his ring as the greatest villain

of all




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