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let's find a spot and eat our lunch man

got me hungry


which reminds me no especially not


something good to eat

I scream I scream from joy that is

because who do muumuus places on every


we're here girls

professor take this where you used to

stay when you were little sure did the

old utonium family cabin just like I

remember it

perfect for a rugged mountain man like

me excuse me

too rugged for allergies teeming with

sea monsters

oh sorry buttercup no sea monsters in

this lake but there is one famed giant

crawdad old one claw McCraw legend has

it he sold one of his claws to Poseidon

himself for eternal glory

hundreds flock here to try and catch him

but nobody has not even that old

fisherman I'm not a fisherman I just run

the general store even I tried to catch

him when I was a kid but I never

succeeded besides we're here

oh yeah today's the perfect day for my

new grilling apron you wear an apron

like this and people know you have a PhD

and DBQ I don't need the grill in here


oh I guess I must have forgotten a


I'll just zip on back home and grab it

you girls find us a good spot on the





Wow after Xavier made all the changes to

the resort the jungle is almost back to

normal yeah all the slushies come in

reusable cups which doesn't change the

fact that they all taste like coconut

but I guess sometimes you got to pick

your battles yeah and all anyone really

needs is one towel Swan now that the

flowers are blooming again have ears

that I can stay here while I continue my

research on this fighter's taste I am

the true hero today perchance or

perchance you are willing to forgive me


coaster slash blind is fun he's right

those coasters do look fun

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