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I know I don't have a plan I'm working

on at least a plan so when we brought my

van into your heart let me drive my van

into your heart let me drive my van into

your heart let me drive my van into your

heart let me drive my




welcome home



I predict our long journey through space

will soon be over

welcome home guys we finally made it

earth no more running no more hiding no

more diamond authority

well we're correct wait wait it's okay I

know what you're thinking but they're

here to help off colors meet the

diamonds diamonds meet the off colors

hello Pat gotcha

it's okay hey Lars remember lion hey

there buddy

whoa Lars it's really you

Sadie its we're about to see Sadie in


hey are you think going to know what to

say just give them a moment

Lars look at you you're you're a space

pirate look at you you're rock star

I think it suits us yeah me too oh I

gotta go back onstage no no I totally

crashed your show yeah you wish that

honor goes to Stephen

sorry Sadie I'll make it up to you hey

that's not a bad idea I'd like to

welcome my friend and yours to the stage



we are the crystal gems we'll always

save the day and if you think we can't

always find a way


the people

this world

darn it Emma


if you're staring with your giant eyes

you can see that there's more of us and

four of us and each one of our new

friends completes us we'll get together

and go out for pizzas cuz we


we are


let's not



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