Scooby-Doo! | Powerful in Purpl

Scooby-Doo! | Powerful in Purpl video script

I'm so nervous don't sweat a death

you'll do great

mm-hmm you think so yeah driving tests

are easy even I passed mine hmm

Daphne you're gonna be great I believe

in you we all do yeah

if you put your mind to it you can do

anything Daphne you've got what it takes

right guys yeah yeah












like I said a miracle or Daphne doing a

dive off a cliff that's a 10 thanks guys

that PLR thing is a hologram projector

you think Hubley could have projected

the phantosaur he did say he wished he

could buy more land for the spa what do

you think Yama

I think windsors eyes are the color

seafoam by moonlight okay somebody's

going to be zero help tonight

go easy on her daph haven't you ever had

a crush on anyone me no why would you

ask of course not

well it's just like walking so slow

trouble sleeping yeah are you okay

what's wrong I'm fine you're obviously

not fine Daphne why don't you tell me

about it I'm in love with Fred there I

said it

really wow I never would have gosh

that's a shocker I've kept it a secret

for so long I just had to tell someone

shouldn't you be telling someone else

like maybe Fred no oh my gosh no I I was

hoping this competition would bring us

closer but even after all the time

rehearsing and performing together I

just can't say anything I even wrote a

song to that too and Fred composed it

explains how I feel about him but if I

even think about singing it I feel like

I'm going to throw up or pass out or

vote you have to tell him daph you'll

never know how he feels unless you talk

to him I can't

maybe if I win talent star that'd give

me the confidence maybe then I could

talk to him come we have to win we just

have to miss stuff me Blake

over here hello

can this be the tournament has not yet

begun and already you have defeated the

mighty Sojo I didn't mean to it's just

that this is most impressive perhaps you

would honor us with a demonstration of

your superior skill as in right now your

opponent will always attack when you

least expect it





like me Oh talk about a tongue fool




hey that was a dirty trick the first

rule of mirror motor Academy if you want

to win you must be willing to do that

which others are not willing to do most

impressive miss brake you lack proper

training but I see in you much potential


are you alright I'm fine

but I think I just stubbed my toe on a

clue he how strange

and look the gauge is on empty I am

starting to think this abominable

snowman maybe less snow and more man











that was close

are you okay yeah thanks to Daphne

anytime Freddie Oh bet mecha mutt is

finally making his move to escape and if

he does my father's career will leave

with him I don't understand how this can

be happening maybe someone has found a

way to override dr. staples system and

is operating mecha mutt by remote


I agree see I'm just as smart as Melanie

trust me Daphne I'm not attracted to

Melanie's brain


Daphne hey Belle what's going on I'm

tired of being klutzy old Daffy from now

on I'm dazzling Daffy centered

controlled graceful does this have

anything to do with Fred going gaga over

crystal no maybe why are you snooping

around at this hour I thought you'd be

doing those sisterly slumber party thing

with Madeline it's great to see Mads

again but we don't seem to have that

much in common just between you and me

she's kind of a nerd no kidding

once she guan's on to something there's

no stopping her she's always over

analyzing every little thing that

attracts their attention hmm there's

some pretty residue on the floor could

be a clue

it's rosin dancers put it on their shoes

I knew that yeah you and your sister are

like night and day




that wasn't klutziness that happened on

its own come on



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