so the circus is a little different than

I'd always imagined how so it's full of

crazy people Oliverio threatened to pop

my head off Marius I don't know if your

werewolf is real or not but if you're

looking for someone with a grudge

against the circus there are plenty of

suspects shimanto has a lot of

bitterness about being a clown are

shambo seems nice but he sure looks like

a werewolf like that Doubleday guy says

he doesn't mind losing his job but I

don't know I know I know and there's one

more suspect no way they've been

performing in every town where the

werewolf has appeared oh so you're gonna

blame them just because they were there

and the lead singer claims to be a

werewolf what you couldn't have

mentioned this earlier but it's just for

publicity I mean he also says he's from

Sweden and he isn't duh of course not

Swedes just a made-up place like fairy

land or Australia I bet you think

kangaroos are real too shaggy

Sweden Pangos has he been kicked in the

head or something

not yet like all this speculation Inge

is making me hungry Scoob guys we are

heading for the legendary captain

fatties rib ranch home of the more than

all-you-can-eat special you eat as much

as you can then they force dessert down

your throat with a spatula my kind of


anyone care to join us we'll catch up

with you okay bye just be back in time

for the show

I mean seriously like by a mule-kicked


after this Scoob we will have visited

almost all of the greatest rib joints in

America yeah all that's left is that one

where the ribs come with a coupon for

free heart surgery what's it called the


the rib Reaper some days


okay when I say run I want you to


they're so Shaggy and Scooby what's

going on

guys I think we hit something


there's two I think it's schmatko I beg

your pardon she might call the clown I

recognize his costume doesn't sound very

friendly actually he wasn't all that

friendly even before he turned into a





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