Buttercup Goes Too Far  Powerpuff Girls | Cartoon Network 2020


if you won't respond to a reward

maybe you'll respond to a threat that

will happen to you if you don't defeat

the Powerpuff Girls

no go sorry to disturb you miss bog just

wanted to check in and see if you needed

more bottled water yes water would be

lovely how this fog really perches you

you got it and hey thanks for picking

the doom flower now this is some real

fun if only blossom could see me now

she can hey don't you know it's rude to

sneak up on people who raised you

professor how did you know I was the fog

you're not as secretive as you think


what are you doing I'm bored we haven't

had a good fight weeks and all we've

been doing is playing in the yard and I

hate spring yeah just because you're

boring doesn't mean you should be riling

up supervillains oh please give me one

reason why not

I have destructive solar I have come to

destroy of Powerpuff Girls

that's why dude get out of here I didn't

even invite you

of course it didn't before me and after

I've reduced suit of fossils I will be a

million dollars richer


I'm sorry folks we seem to be out of ice

oh there we are

we can still stop him check it get ready

to go extinct



you really use some help right now I'll

be happy to help you as soon as I get

back from my lunch break prepare to be



leave me alone mr. destructor sore you

see I'm the fog I was just having a

little fun and I didn't think about it

and now my sisters are hurt and you're

gonna bawl me out but I definitely don't

have a million dollars to give you

around you professor when did you become

a giant robot dinosaur oh this I

originally built this suit to help me

prune the bushes with a few alterations

it became quite the intimidating monster

costume but why to teach you a lesson

Blossom Bubbles you're okay oh no I'd

never really hurt the girls could

actually go wrong so what the

professor's helped me made it happen

hey it's not nice to fool people you

know exactly oh yeah okay I get it

I'm sorry can we go home now girls looks

like there's one more lesson here yeah

if you start something you gotta finish


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