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there we go safe and sound Buttercup

mess this out just how to stand by and

watch the Ruby if you'll direct your

attention here you will see our most

prized artifact in the museum fun fact

the Ruby was discovered in the Ottoman

Empire underneath an actual ottoman um

actually the ruby was discovered at the

foot of the bank gem collector Alton the

third as it was one of his most prized

possessions he loved these wait is it

true that also the ruby I'm just showing

these guests the wonders of your Museum

oh so Ben your sisters are back there

watching the Ruby


well the security system is still being

fixed we're good they're just waiting on

some parmesan yeah that means you got to

watch the Ruby bubbles but you have to

remember you can't get distracted blah

blah are you listening you can't take

your eyes off that Ruby

okay well mr. Ruby I guess we're gonna

be stuck here for a while huh I mean I

guess this beats getting scratched and

burned by a monstrous kitty octopus like

the greatest moments in life are ones

like these where you just have some time

to think about how far you've come and

where you can still go how long have I

been here George a few hours hmm

10 minutes it doesn't have to be boring

bubbles mr. Ruby you can talk

oh no bubbles you're just so bored

you're imagining that I can woo now join







over there yep

and I finally fixed that security system

thank you for watching over our beloved

Ruby I hope there wasn't any trouble

nothing gets past us

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