Bubbles Gets Eaten! | Powerpuff Girls | Cartoon Network


I'll have you know that these are most

often looks like I'm gonna have to bury

with this baby baby so strong folks all

right sir step on through oh yes right

no problem

hold it right there


we had a protocol here you gotta go

through the new security system first

the new security system wait so it's


no not quite the first sandwich out with

a second sandwich but I don't think it's


ah wait a second why is there no one

here oh that's cuz I arrested all the

unsuspicious people um I still need to

go to the bathroom you're welcome why

why did you do that to keep the Ruby

safe obviously buttercup you're being

paranoid well then you're welcome for my

paranoia because it works look at that

gem safe and sound safe and sound where


there we go

safe and sound Buttercup mess this out

just gotta stand by and watch the Ruby

if you'll direct your attention here

you'll see our most prized artifact in

the museum fun fact the ruby was

discovered in the ottoman empire

underneath an actual ottoman

um actually but really was discovered at

the foot of the bank gem collector oath

in the third as it was one of his most

prized possessions

he loved bees wait is it true that also

the ruby ended a war the story of the

Topaz I'm just showing these guests the

wonders of your museum oh so then your

sisters are back there watching the Ruby



wait did you guys be careful ooh nah

Buttercup said she could handle him by

herself well the security system is

still being fixed we're getting there

just waiting on some parmesan yeah I'll

go help buttercup that means you got to

watch the ruby bubbles but you have to

remember you can't get distracted blah


are you listening you can't take your

eyes off that Ruby protect it

okay okay mister it's time to buckle

down now get to work


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