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oh right

prison cannot believe you making a scene

like that we weren't trying to make a

scene we were just dancing Connie what

have you done with Connie what have I

done what have you done you're the one

that wants to keep those organics from

the kyanite colony I'm just a fool that

lets you what now your little pets are

chasing the pearls up and down the halls

what were you thinking letting them

loose in the ballroom it could be

anywhere white is very unhappy with you

if this keeps up she's going to take

away your pearl I know I'm sorry




Oh Connie you're you're here yeah can't

exactly leave I cannot believe you

making a scene like that whoa

job blue we didn't mean any harm

I guess Steven to dance he wasn't trying

to cause trouble what do you know about

this human you think I've never been

grounded before ground it blue you gotta

let us out of here we're gonna starve

starve what is this

another made-up problem another trick

so I'll cave and let you out well not

this time you're not leaning this tower

until you apologize for fusing at the

ball no Steven what I'm not sorry

we finally have you back and you're


it's fine Connie I'm not even sad but

you're really dehydrated blue Connie and

I use all the time it's totally normal

and fun oh and what universe could not

possibly be fine this universe the

crystal gems fuse all the time to blue

you got to tell me where their gems are

they didn't do anything wrong Oh pink

your time on earth has warped your sense

of right and wrong yeah maybe it has

maybe pink thought you guys were right

to lock her in here when she messed up

up but I know what it's like to have a

loving family and we don't do stuff like

this to each other the crystal gems

understand that I'm Steven and they

support me and Connie and you guys

proved them for sticking up for me that

isn't normal that's it

this isn't normal

how many times did you lock her in here

how many times did you make her cry

I didn't I

I'm doing it again aren't I

and this is why you left isn't it


you were right to leave I always thought

that you were failing this world but if
you were happier on earth

maybe this world was failing you we

never should have brought you back here

your family your crystal gems are

bubbled let's get you all back in your

legs and back home if you want more

awesome stuff like this

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