Blossom's Negotiation Skills | Powerpuff Girls | Cartoon video 2020


space tow truck hurry you're too late

space tow truck you only have time to

tow one of these galactic minivans

before that star goes supernova

which one contains your beloved space

cat and which one contains his can I

come into the pillow you know the rules

of Fort Buttercup no dorks laughs oh

yeah play the next one boss if we don't

find out what happens to space tow

trucks before school tomorrow

you just no spoilers Cheryl will spoil

the ending for us ooh

spoilers Cheryl hmm

all right girls time for bed you can all

watch your space tractor show tomorrow

well very interesting data

oh all right but just one more episode

yeah do you space tow truck take the

Robo Berta to be your lawfully wedded

space wife



next one girls time for bed you said

that four episodes ago well of course

but space towtruck heed my words the

words odd signal please it's time to

reveal your deepest darkest secret and

that secret is what


bubbles what did you do nothing I know

of girls get down girls to the lab now


professor why did you beat up those

pillows gosh let me explain I have been

working diligently on code name projects

slumber the creation of the world's most

comfortable pillow

who says science doesn't put you to

sleep all right bubs the goal was to

build not just a comfy cushion but a

pillow capable of independent thought

one so smart that it would predict what

you need and fluff itself accordingly

but something went terribly wrong the

pillow I made was too comfortable one

snuggle and you're instantly asleep well

I hate to burst your bubble professor

but we got a bigger problem and her name

is spoiler Cheryl don't you understand


no the pillows escaped it's loose in the

house the pillow will rest until we're

all resting those it's up to us to stop

the pillow before it breaks free and

puts all of Townsville to sleep

um you can put me down now


coast is clear hey Blas

what do you think spacedog drug secret

is now it's not the time I think he's

still in love with Neutron oh I think

these snow trucks than a ghost the

entire time

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