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Stephen hurry up are you okay I'm fine

are you sure you're okay yeah okay so um

is this fence new it's a long story

is it a magic story maybe what what


tell me please okay okay but it's not a

happy story amethyst was horsing around

by the cliffs be careful

Stephen why are you getting so worked up

would you care about me or some things


ah Stephen I didn't mean to make you

even please I'm a gem warrior I'm not

gonna so I ran down there as fast as I


you sure you're okay yes Stephen I'm

fine except for this great show me your

gem fresh amethyst your gem is correct

dude it's not a big deal Plus now I have

this cool googly eye how did this happen

shavoo off the cliff by the lighthouse

didn't I of course how could I have been

so blind we need to put a fence up there

so this will never happen again that's

why there's a fence the end wait what

happened to amethyst come on tell me the


I don't wanna Stephen Stephen hmm



okay okay but only if you let me try

under glasses only if you give me the

rest of your juice okay but it's mostly

backwash good enough how do I look

I have no idea well um so we were all

worried about amethyst so what's the


amethyst falls and stuff all the time

it'd be fine if it was just her body but

her gem is damaged so what do you do to

fix it before we had Rose Steven your

mother had healing tears that flowed

from her Jim she felt real love for

those around her she felt real sorrow

when they were hurt you have the rose

quartz gem now I know that power is in

you too Yeah right


it's not working I guess I'm just too

tough to cry just a day you were crying

about snakes they don't have any arms we

have no choice we need to take amethyst

to Rose's healing spring guys I'm fine

I'm not gonna get any worse


we'll always save the day and if you

think we can

[Music] I

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